DON'T KICK THE KAT - Darvra's Wave


I enjoy playing Irish Folk Music and after learning the tin whistle in 2006 I started performing in several folk groups across London on both tin whistle and soprano saxophone namely London Irish Band, Darvra's Wave and The Reels. As well as performing folk at sessions and gigs I also like to compose and arrange my own music and in 2013 Darvra's Wave released an album called 'The Witches Recall' which I co-wrote the music for and produced. More recently I have been running some educational projects in schools which involves getting the musicians to learn and perform folk music using some new techniques which in most cases they haven't done before. At present I am writing and arranging folk music from around the world for the saxophone to give the instrument more representation within different world and traditional genres. Please listen to Marici Saxes albums to hear the results. 


Traditional Irish Band Play Some Jigs and Reels

Two live recordings from the Irish Session at 'The Springfield Tavern' pub in Bounds Green.

Scholar-Teetotaller-St Anne's Reel - Trad
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The Kesh - Old Joe's Jig - Trad
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